The Ever Popular Krugerrand

The South African government released krugerrand coins as gold coins. If you check out the worldwide web, you may come across some websites, which claim to sell krugerrand silver coins.

Certain reliable sources insist that these claims are false. So far, there is no recorded history of the Republic of South Africa releasing such silver coins to the public. Krugerrand gold coins are actually 22-carat coins. In other words, they contain an estimate of ninety two percent of gold. To be precise, the amount of gold is 91.67 percent.

The rest of the content is copper, which is responsible for giving an orange tinge to the coins. A krugerrand coin has a picture of an antelope on its reverse side. On its obverse side, you can see the picture of Paul Kruger. Paul Kruger was one of the former Presidents of South Africa. He was elected as President four times.

The national currency of South Africa is rand. Therefore, krugerrand refers to a combination of rand and Kruger’s name. This type of gold coin is a bullion gold coin. Nevertheless, it does not have a face value. Normally, bullion coins have face value and market value. That is not the case with the South African gold coin. Weight is used as a means of measurement.

Normally, bullion coins are sold together with certificates in special packaging. The same goes with a krugerrand gold coin. If you decide to buy this bullion coin, make sure that it comes with the necessary certificate. Details such as weight, purity and other vital aspects are recorded in such a certificate. A South African mint firm first minted the South African coin in 1967.

Due to its very popularity, more coins were minted various years until now. So far, a total of forty six million coins have been sold to the public. The year of mint can be seen on a krugerrand gold coin. Different dies were used during production throughout the few decades. Therefore, you may come across krugerrand gold coins of different mint years and markings.

In short, the most popular gold bullion from the Republic of South Africa is krugerrand. This bullion was first released as 22-carat gold coins in 1967. Due to its popularity, the South African produced the coins a number of times in various years for sale to the public. So, it is possible to find krugerrand gold coins of various mint years and die markings.