Rare Coins To Look Out For

Getting involved in the world of numismatics – or rare coin collecting – can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different types of coins out there, how do you know which ones are good to collect and which will make you a profit in years to come if you decide to sell them? If you are involved in numismatics it helps to get started by knowing a few of the more popular coins and what they are worth. Starting out small with a few choice coins will help you to create a high quality collection of coins that will stand to you in years to come. Here are a few of the more popular coins nowadays and ones that are worth looking out for and investing in.

Morgan silver dollar: This is a silver dollar coin that was first minted in 1878. These coins have a great mass appeal because they are an affordable coin to start off a collection with and also because they are very beautiful coins to look at. They have an eagle on one side of the coin. These coins have a great historical significance and are very much desired in the world of numismatics.

$20 Double Eagles: These are gold coins that were the first of their kind minted – the Type I Double Eagle was the first of these coins. They were minted between 1849 and 1866, so as you can see they are quite old and also quite rare. They are a big, impressive coin and a great one to have as a centre piece for any coin collection.

American Buffalo: These are certified American Buffalo gold bullion coins and are a very impressive coin to have in your collection. They have a striking image of a Native American man on one side and a buffalo on the other. These are great coins to start off a collection because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase but they can also make a good profit.

Lincoln penny: There are a couple of specific years where small differences to the Lincoln penny have turned it into a collectors’ item. In 1909, for example, the penny was designed by Victor D Brenner, and a small number of them carry the initials VDB. These coins are very rare and so are desirable. You could easily stumble upon a rare Lincoln penny among your chance so keep an eye out for those special initials.